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Vaibhav's Profile

Vaibhav Varun is science fiction author of the book- ‘I am the Universe’, a public speaker, sky-diver and an ardent lover of space science. He is currently pursuing Aerospace Engineering from Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow. Whenever free, he goes to different schools and colleges of India and loves talking to children about the beauty of science and mathematics. Frustrated with ‘rot-and-mug’ education system and ‘plug-and-check’ type of questions we have, he wishes to transform education into an actual learning experience through encouraging people to see the concepts in nature and experiment and make on their own. He is working on several projects currently involving his passions about science and writing. Through this series of articles on Space Kidz India, he is hoping to bring about an atmosphere of open discussion about science and innovation, to talk about the beauty and need of questioning everything and to search the humorous side of science!

The beauty called Science

We are all aware of the nightmares that studying science/maths has caused us. The endless sessions of mugging up formulas, theorems and battling with numericals leave us with few simple questions- what has it got to do with real life? Where can I apply it? Where do I take this formula and see it in nature? How can I make/build something out of it? How can I be the next Newton, Einstein or Ramanujan? If it is about the nature, why does it look so boring at times? Are there lessons of life hidden in them? The answers to all of them may not be obvious, but they are certainly very simple- may be, we are not doing it the right way! May be, there is something more than just books and exams that is left to science. How can the world that is so diverse, beautiful, magnificent, full of mystery, endless processes and of unknown horizons be so boring that whole of its understanding comes from mugging up few formulas and getting some marks in some random (human-made) exam? When I say ‘Science’, I see it as the most daring thing humans have tried doing. I see it as generations of people- explorers- the fearless ones trying to comprehend the ways of nature- from things as small as atomic nucleus to things as big as the universe itself. I see it as a journey of human species from not being able to go to next country going to Mars. I see it as an extraordinary attempt to understand life and universe amidst all existing complexities. I see it as a tool that is continuously transforming our lives day by day. And I don’t see it as a dull and boring ‘subject’. One can think of science as ‘human attempt to collect and organize knowledge gathered upon centuries, put them to test by experiment and once verified, use them to predict universal phenomena.’ Notice, this definition has no eligibility criteria (luckily!)- anyone, I repeat, anyone capable of gathering and organizing knowledge, putting it to test, seeing it in nature and being able to see fundamental hidden things in universe is very well a scientist! It can you or anyone around you. Because there are no eligibility criteria for science but a receptive and open mind, I trust all of us with little help can begin ‘doing’ it rather than just ‘studying’ it. Science has its own method, history, philosophy and beauty. I seek to bring them out. It is a story of thousands of people and their own amazing ways of questioning and challenging the universe. Imagine the feeling when Galileo had seen the moons of Jupiter for the very first time, when Robert Hooke saw the cell, when Aryabhatta thought of Zero, or when Wright brothers flew for the very first time high in the sky! It is the bravest story ever told and the one being continuously written. Let’s be a part of it. In these series of posts and articles on this very website, I will take many more topics talking about the side of science and mathematics that has been hidden from education system. I shall talk about the social, mental and emotional challenges of it. We will see many awesome and amazing things happening in the world of science- how innovation and imagination combined together make way for a better future, how we can use science to make a better India and how small questions asked on a daily basis will push us towards unravelling deepest secrets of nature. We will talk about many scientists and mathematicians and see how they are an important part of everything we have today. We will see the underlying beauty, art and philosophy that are there in most of the things around us. I am always looking forward to discussing things that you want to put here as one of the most important elements of learning is to have an open discussion. And this space is for open discussion with people from across the country and world. We welcome your suggestions for the theme of next discussion. Keep waiting for the next post! Till then, keep the curiosity in you alive!

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