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Space Kidz India, is an Organization creating International experiential learning for students in the field of Science, Technology, Art and Culture. Ambassador to NASA, Yuri Gagarin Space Center – Star City, Moscow and Euro Space Center.

A new spin has been put on a partner project of Space Kidz India together with the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) that implements an international platform for strengthening links among young scientists of different countries. As part of the project SKI and MAI shall develop and launch into orbit a space vehicle prepared by students from Space Kidz India and from MAI, Russia. The idea was mooted by Dr Srimathy Kesan, Founder and CEO of Space Kidz India and readily accepted by MAI.

Representatives from Space Kidz India and MAI held a joint meeting at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017. The meeting resulted in a program for a long-term cooperation with regard to the joint launch. Just in three months, this October, a satellite will be launched into the International Space Station. This event will mark the friendship and strong partnership between India and Russia. Moreover, 2017 marks the 70thanniversary of Russian-Indian diplomatic relationship

This partnership is the first joint educational project of this type between SKI, India and MAI, Russia. Our motto is “have a dream and make it a reality”, because the main participants are the new generation of talented youth which will have an opportunity to witness and study the process of spacesystem engineering and take part in it themselves.

As India and Russia are extremely strong in the Space Programs, and to enhance this friendship between both the Countries Space Kidz India, Chennai and Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow will work on constructing and launching this "Joint friendship Satellite", which will be in the ISS for 2 months and then be deployed in Space!!

When the Satellite is in ISS thru communication, we are going to conduct various competitions for University and High School Students. Planned to play National Anthem of both the Countries. It is a general communication Satellite

Moreover, as part of the partner project within the next two years a student satellite, developed by talented youth from Space Kidz India and MAI students, will be launched into orbit.

This is truly Historic, as this will be the 1st of its kind "Friendship Satellite", in the World.

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